A short documentary titled “The Armenian Genocide” designated to teach high school students was shot in the Czech Republic.


The film is available on the website of the educational portal “Contemporary History“, which is used by about 90% of the country’s history teachers. The film’s short footage (13 minutes) enables teachers to arrange discussions with the students after watching the film.


The documentary is part of the series “First-hand history” and includes testimonies of Armenian Genocide. The film features two descendants of the Armenian Genocide survivors Gevorg Avetisian from the Armenian community in Czech Republic and Hovhannes Ishkhanyan from Yerevan, who tell the story of their family.

The film was scripted by students from the audiovisual department of Silesian University in Opava.


“They belong to the same generation as the target group, i.e. school students.


The film description may therefore be closer to them,” says Monika Horsáková, the film director. “The Czech Republic has not yet recognized the Armenian Genocide, but the point is that the film is created for educating young people who will decide on the future course of society,” she said.

March 26, 2015