To raise awareness of the international community, the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute (AGMI) provides materials for temporary exhibitions.Those documentations comprise a span of long years, including the front pages of world press a hundred years ago, photographs made by Genocide witnesses, as well as postcards depicting the life of people in Western Armenia.

Temporary exhibitions dedicated to the Armenian Genocide will contribute to the deep and thorough presentation of this subject both to Armenian and international audiences and will serve educational purposes. You can download materials for the temporary exhibitions from this section after informing ArmenianGenocide100.org where and when the exhibition will be held.

Armenian Genocide: Frontpage coverage in the foreign media


The exhibition includes front pages of around 70 Russian, American, French, Italian, English, German and other newspapers and magazines that present illustrations of massacres of Armenians and Genocide-related subjects.

50 photos on Armenian Genocide


The exhibition displays 50 photos taken before the massacres and during the years of the Armenian Genocide. Photos depicting children and refugees, who suffered, died or starved during the Genocide, as well as scenes of exile and deportations are featured. The collection also includes shots of Genocide survivors and prominent people who helped Armenians.


Nazik Armenakian: Survivors


The exhibition presents portraits and stories of Armenian Genocide survivors, aiming to raise awareness of what happened to Armenian people in early 20th century. In a black and white series, the survivors are holding photos taken when they were young.