2015 was full of achievements, new initiatives and challenges for the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia, the Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Georgia Right Rev. Vazgen Mirzakhanyan said in an interview with Armenpress.


Right Rev. Vazgen Mirzakhanyan, how was 2015 distinguished for the Georgian Diocese? What were its achievements in 2015?


The year started with the formation of the Armenian Genocide Centennial Committee to go on with the preparation and implementation of commemorative events, including installation of khachkars, publication of books, ecumenical commemorations and protest actions. The reconstruction and official opening of the Armenian Cathedral of St George in Tbilisi was a very significant event, with many more activities undertaken in Javakhk, including restoration of Surb Khach Armenian Church of Ninotsminda region.


2015 was a year of commemoration, as you mentioned in your speech. What lesson is to be derived from the centenary of the Armenian Genocide?

Our biggest lesson is unity: unity in our interpersonal relations and Homeland-Artsakh-Diaspora ties. These are not just words but the basis of our survival. Our way of thinking differs greatly from that of 100 years ago, as today we have statehood.


The events proved there is still pain, suffering and hatred in our hearts even one hundred years later. Can we go forward with so much pain in our souls?


People use medicines to heal their physical pain. The same is true about the pain that the Armenians suffered one hundred years ago. We responded to that pain through our independent state and liberation of Artsakh. Our wounds are healed through Armenians’ achievements in science, culture and other sectors all over the world. No matter how much pain and hatred we feel, that must not impede our joint development.

December 28, 2015