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As result of the Genocide in 1915, Armenians lost their historical homeland – Western Armenia


Many people lost their relatives, friends, left their ancestral homes and were forcibly exiled. On their way, family members were losing each other. Armenian children of the same family or dynasty appeared in different countries, became citizens, and different governments spelled their surnames in different ways.


“Share your story” is a separate section operating on On this platform, every Armenian, irrespective of location,

can tell the story of an ancestor to the visitors of the site.


After filling in all the required fields, i.e. the narrator’s and the survivor’s data and the period of time, the story is uploaded to the website and then made available to all visitors. Besides their inherited family names, people can also mention the modified forms that existed in the past or may exist today. This is a unique database that will enable Armenians around the world to find their family and friends.



*In this section you should fill in your own personal information: first name, second name, e-mail address, age, etc.



*In this section you should fill in the personal information of the individual you have heard the story from or whose book (memories) you have read.

If either of the first or second names has different variants or spelling, feel free to add them too.



*In this section you should mention the place and period of time you are talking about in your story.


*Completing these sections, you should assure that the story is real and not fictitious.

*Before appearing in the section “Tell your story” on, your material will be edited, with possible reductions and stylistic changes. We assure that the historical facts and the sequence of events will remain unchanged.

*Taking into account the big flow of materials, your story will not possibly appear on the site immediately. All those stories that are not published on for one reason or another, will be archived and provided to the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute for future research and scientific analysis.